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By Sedgewick
Heres what you can do. Put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray on the ice and this will melt it away.Your welcome.
By Sedgewick
Actually, Lets put this in a small little spray bottle, Call it something, sell the product all over the place. Easy enough to use on side windows or windsheild, marketing will be everything but word of mouth will spread quickly. SEDGEWICK
By sandlizzard
Sedgewick, does the alcohol really melt the ice? How long does it take? Why does not everyone in the northern states do this? Most I talk to use the scraper.

Did you not think the sideview mirror cover is a feasible idea?
By Sedgewick
Sandlizzard, Yes the alcohol will melt the ice and then evaporate. This will take approximately one minute depending on thickness of the ice. Remember, this stuff is flammable(99% alchohol). The idea of a cover is great but time consumming for the average person(maybe a cover to prevent rock chips would be more enticing to the individual, perhaps in different colors for attraction).
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Just out of curiosity, what does alcohol being flammable have to do with this?
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By Steve
I think I knew about the alcohol thing - in Europe you can buy these sprays at the gas station me thinks (not sure though, but I can remember the image of a blue liquid on a windscreen that's making the ice melt ;-) ). Funny how some things never make it across the big pond...

I like the idea about the sideview condoms, although I fear that they might get stolen. How about a "slide door" panel you can simply draw over the mirror? The downside is that these would probably have to be built in by the manufacturer, but at least it wouldn't be that time-consuming...
By Sedgewick
By flammable I mean which one will be smoking or pouring the whole bottle over the windsheild,theres bound to be someone that will abuse the purpose,Who will be the first to drink this new formula, you know I am not really sure about people anymore.
By sandlizzard
Let's leave the alcohol for wounds received from scrapping the sideview mirrors. I can imagine someone setting their car on fire while de-icing his windshield. ( HIS story )
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By Steve
Maybe that's the reason why those sprays never made it to the US. Too many lawsuits ahead... :-D
By Sedgewick
I really don't think this product is any more dangerous then some of the products already out there as an example,lock de-icer is close to being alchohol(take a look at ingredient list),gas-line antifreeze is almost identical to rubbing alchohol so the danger is only the user.In fact every six months or so I add one half litre( rubbing alchohol 99%) to a full tank of fuel and clean up everything inside the engine. I honestly have 180,000 kilometers on the same set of plugs. Believe it or not! Haven't had tune up in in same distance.94 Crown Victoria.
By sandlizzard
I finally did "invent" a rearview mirror cover and had it patented a couple years ago. I never did get up enough money to buy the mininum order to get them for pennies. ( from China, of course) They were made with a special plastic to be viable down to -20 degrees. I had an idea to make them in a checkerbord pattern for Nascar fans and have their favorite drivers logo < number> on them. ( which would lead to year round use). I had plenty of ideas for advertising on them (car dealers).

Anyone with money interested? E-mail me @ March is the month to submit to Walmart so we missed them this year but there are plenty of other places to sell them. I have all the info to put this togther. We would be looking at between $5,000 and $25,000 to get started.


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