Nead a break from all your creative efforts? Cast your anchor here and enjoy a little chit-chat.
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Adding Accessories To Your Home Decor Candles, Plants, Art and Collectibles. It’s all the little personal touches that bring a room to life.

Decorating The Bath Large or small, full or half no matter the size turn your bathrooms into an inviting place to spend time.

Kitchen Accessorizing & Styles From Country to Traditional - Dinnerware to Light Switches. Make the heart of your home a welcoming place.

Window Treatments With the vast assortment of styles, colors and fabrics available today the combination of looks can be endless.

Wall Treatments Kick your rooms personality up a notch with Paint, Wallpaper or Stenciling. Use alone or in combination for a unique look.

Shed Some Light On Your Home General Lighting, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting. Find out which type of lighting is right for your needs.
By joeleitz
It sounds like you have some nice items there. If you ever need help with small home disasters, consider getting in the professionals to remedy the situation. You don't want your beautiful furnishings in an unsound environment.

Restoration1 is a restoration franchise offering cleanup for mold, fire, smoke, and water damage.

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