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By Universal Mission
All the unemployment & poverty in this world translated to a total failure of the monetary concept. I have thought about this found that this can only be eradicated by the development of an Exchange Economy. Money as employed in the economic function today is a CONSUMPTION CURRENY. Money empowers us to consume. But the greatest tragedy is that as we use it to consume the productionn of others it also gets dimished. This is where todays economic model fails. I propose a totally new way of looking at money: Money should not be expendable on use but should just circulate and facility the functioning of the economy.

Money should actually be a 'special good' that does not get diminished with. The only way to do this is to have two currencies running counter-way at every exchange point. This is how it works: the world adopts a second currency so that if for example I buy goods (just the normal way) and pay will get not only my purchase (Goods / services) BUT i will also be paid by the seller (Oh yes!) for consuming their product. I will be paid because as a consumer have performed an important economic function - actually voted for their product. Obviously it wold be silly to just give out $ 100 and get back $ 100. So there is where a new concept of a PRODUCTION CURRENCY comes in.

For simplicity's sake just imagine system where bank notes represent consumtion currency while coins represent the production currency.

It is a very simple concept: I buy a mobile phone for $200 and pay for that (in notes) . I get my phone + 1 also get $200 in PRODUCTION CURRENCY (Coins) from the store. This production currency theoretically gives the consumer the power to 'produce' or work.

The net result is that everyone will always have money. (Never mind if it is the normal money or the new PRODUCTION CURRENCY - all money is same value) Given in this new economy everyone will require that new currency in order to sell their goods / services, jobs will be created for everyone with no reserve. Bills will be better paid sooner than later. After all you do not loose anything by paying, buying, spending etc. True receiving will be in giving. Do you see that we shall have the economy rolling!!!!!!

Reward: just to see a better world

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