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Mount a sufficiently sized home air-conditioning unit and gas powered generator to power it inside of an old used panel van. Vent the condenser exaust out the bottom of the van. Cover the outside of the van in chicken wire to keep the inches of ice formed by humidity collection from breaking off and causing a road hazard. Use a top mounted billboard type sign to display "OVERKILL AIRCONDITIONING 555-1234" or "ICE MAN AIR 555-1234" (whatever) while you (dressed for winter) drive your big block of ice all over town OR... if you're in a great location, park it in front of the business and leave it running. One glance and prospective customers will never forget what you can do better than anyone else!
By merts
has anybody patented an air conditioner that use water to cool the condenser? You see,I live in the tropics and there is very high humidity that an air conditioner collects as much as agallon of water that condenses on the cooler coil of the aircon and must be drained away. High energy savings can be have if the condensate water is collected/pumped to the condenser radiator and aid the rapid transfer of heat to the atmosphere through evaporative effect.

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