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By kutubshikora
People across the world strive for variety in food. When they go to one restaurant or order from one outlet one of the members in the group has to compromise since that member wanted food from the other outlet but since others are going to that particualr outlet he also has to follow them for company.

'Whatever You Want' is a restaurant or outlet where customers will be served from different restaurants or outlets from a single outlet. Benefit to the customer is he gets variety in menu not from single vendor but multiple vendors and delivery to customer will be at same time. A service fee needs to be charged from customer for variety and discounts could be asked from outlets and restaurants in the nearby area to get the business model working.

Logistics need to be worked out but I think this will certainly add a lot of vairety in once meal something like Burger from McDonalds, a Taco from Taco Bell and salad from local restaurant. By giving this service customer gets best of all in a single meal.

Reward: Recognition for the idea.
By treadair
Here's a variation on that idea that might be successful any place that a lot of people retire to. It would be a restaurant called 'Regions' and would specialize in dishes that were popular in the areas they came from but aren't typically served in the areas they moved to. In the United States places like California, Florida, and Arizona would make good target markets. Lots of people move there to either retire or take advantage of a better climate.
By josefinareutter
In my country (Chile) there's something like your idea.
It's called "Menú Express" and they are basically distributors of different restaurants. They operate like this: you call them or visit their page ( In the web, every affiliated restaurant has their menus and you simply click on what you want. The prices are practically the same, and they charge you for the delivery.
They also have a catalogue that they've delivered several times to some sectors of the city (Santiago) so then you can call and ask for what you want.
As you see, it's not such a crazy idea, only that they don't have storage problems or things like that.
By James888
LOL, just the other day my wife and I were saying, "Wouldn't it be great if you could get an In-n-Out Burger with McDonald's fries, Wendy's chocolate shakes and Arby's Apple turn overs.....
You are right the logistics would be a nightmare....but good idea....
By pegeler
As mentioned, the outlet that serves as a "hub" for restaurants in the area might be the answer. To expect one restaurant to over every type of food is something that might get you a brand new white jacket with shiny buckles and leather straps.

Running a restaurant is rough enough, even when you specialize it can be a real chore as even a steak house has much more on the menu.

If you REALLY think this is a viable idea, may I suggest you get a job for a couple of months in a restaurant? You'll soon change your tune.

Having worked in a wide variety of restaurants from fast food to French. And also having been a manager as well as an owner, I can tell you right now that doing American, Italian, French, etc., etc. in one location is a sure way to go 100% bonkers.


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