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By javaz99
#22007 ... 924970b-pi

Agent 1: Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: [silence]
Agent 1: I *said*, Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you, I was too busy BEING AWESOME.
Agent 1: [silence]
Agent 2: Isn't it fine weather for BEING AWESOME? Especially in a hat. You would be more awesome in a hat.
Agent 1: [in a quiet voice] I need the counter-sign. Doofus.
Agent 2: [sing-songing] Yes, today is perfect for kite-flying. [pause]
Especially when you are awesome. In an awesome hat.
Agent 1: The pickup is at 0800 in the main train station.
Agent 2: "Main train" rhymes!
Agent 1: I'm getting too old for this.

[Pattern's gone now from Out of the Ashes, but to console you, Sheila is having a sale! 15% off, starting Friday morning and ending Sunday evening. Enter DRESSY at checkout.]

[Also, I *covet* this pattern. Anyone else have copies? Leave a comment if so, either here or on the wiki!]

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