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By javaz99
Picture the scene. At Jalie headquarters Montreal the head of design is briefing the pattern makers. "We av to come up with a shirt pattern zat will baffle ze English but for the smart ones that can follow our instructions will dazzle them with Francophone ingenuity and our superior pattern making".

One of the pattern makers has a moment of deep inspiration. "Mais oui I av it!" she says "We will create a collar that one must roll the entire garment through. Ze finish will be magnifique, but the making will be a challenge."

Well as you can see from this poor attempt at humour, I was challenged by Jalie 2921. I sat for an hour reading the instructions thinking that I must have misinterpreted the text and drawings. But no, you do indeed roll the garment through the stitched collar, creating a very clean line and no raw edges.

I'm very happy with the result and fit. I used a very drapey wool blend knit. My only complaint is that my tie hangs lower than on the pattern illustrations. I suspect this is a combination of not being generous enough with the seam allowances and the loose weave dragging it downward. I will definitely make another soon.

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