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I know there are certain scent sprays all ready made to freshen your car or house or anything but, if you want to have your air system to act as a literal fan for spreading any scent (Like Fresh Forest, Lemon, Cinnamon, Etc.) then you can turn your Air Systems like your car air vents, air conditioning units, your air purifiers or any fan into a long lasting deoderizer and air freshener as long as the spray is made to stick to a plastic surface and this would work better than the type of air freshener spray for your carpet since it could go any where the air flows. It could also be used in your home's forced air furnace and A/C unit built right into your home. You could make each scented spray bottle work specifically with all the plastic parts of the air units or make them for sticking to surfaces of any kind where the air is all ready blowing!
Freshness that you don't have to plug in or replace. You could add a cleaner for it and then it could come off and you could add another non-sticky (Except it stays on different materials) scent of your choice. Any scent any time and cheaper than the current air fresheners wich either use electrical power or can not be removed (Like a carpet spray). You need not constantly replace a smelly object that takes up space sitting on your coffee table. (Very unatractive too look at)!

Reward: A box full of these!

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