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Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Hilary Duff, Lo Bosworth, and Jessica Szohr. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself.
Look 1: Hilary Duff’s Cool Casuals

Hilary Duff
Photo Credit

Hilary Duff was all over Paris this past week, and demonstrated how to look chic in casual basics by choosing neutral colors and trendy accessories. She wore skinny jeans with an olive green button-down shirt, which she tied up over the top of her jeans. She wore a black leather jacket on top, and accessorized with an oversize green Balenciaga motorcycle bag, large teardrop earrings, and black pumps.
Outfit Inspired by Hilary

Outfit inspired by Hilary Duff
Shirt, Jacket, Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Earrings

Hilary’s look starts off with some medium wash skinny jeans. Next, you can find a basic green button-down shirt at Old Navy; make it look chic by using Hilary’s trick of tying it up over your jeans or tucking it in. The black pumps complement a simple black leather jacket, and a matching green satchel (with zipper detailing reminiscent of Hilary’s Balenciaga) pulls the look together.
Look 2: Lo Bosworth’s Neutrals with a Pop of Color

Lo Bosworth
Photo Credit

Lo Bosworth looked runway-ready in nude, slouchy trousers and a simple white blouse this week. She gave the look a pop of color by adding a bright pink Balenciaga motorcycle bag. (Recognize the bag? It’s a smaller version of Hilary’s!) She also wore some camel-colored sandals with straps and buckles, as well as an eye necklace and Ray Ban aviators. Lo’s outfit definitely got me in the mood for spring, and I like how it looks chic (and professional) while maintaining a very relaxed and comfortable silhouette.
Outfit Inspired by Lo

Outfit inspired by Lo Bosworth
Pants, Shirt, Sunglasses, Necklace, Shoes, Bag

Topshop has a great selection of pants and trousers in interesting shapes; these particular trousers feature a paper-bag waistline and a loose, comfortable fit. Tuck a white or cream blouse into them, and wear a subtle yet statement-making necklace, like this eye pendant. Although I couldn’t find a close replica of Lo’s bag in pink, this bright blue satchel looks a lot like Lo’s Balenciaga and adds a pop of color to the ensemble. Finish with aviator sunglasses and chunky heeled sandals to complete your look.
Look 3: Jessica Szohr’s Updated Grunge

Jessica Szohr
Photo Credit

Jessica Szohr attended a movie premiere in NYC this week and took a classic grunge look into high-fashion territory with a few simple extras. She began with an oversized plaid button down paired with black skinny jeans (hello, grunge), but added extra style with heeled booties, a black peacoat, and a black cloche hat, as well as a black shoulder bag and contrasting brown belt. Notice how she lets the sleeves of her plaid shirt peek out of her coat, breaking up the darkness of her outfit and putting the focus on the pattern.
Outfit Inspired by Jessica

Outfit inspired by Jessica Szohr
Jeans, Shirt, Jacket, Belt, Bag, Hat, Shoes

The main element of Jessica’s outfit is the plaid shirt – to really nail her look, go for one with red and black accents in it. A black tank top or t-shirt, worn underneath, will allow you to leave the shirt unbuttoned – just be sure to tuck it into your black skinny jeans and brown woven belt. On top, wear a black pea coat (and make sure the sleeves of your plaid shirt peek out!), and accessorize with a black cloche hat, a black shoulder bag, and booties — these lace-up ones have gold detailing, which adds a girly touch to this tough look.

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