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By kjmeyer11
My new idea is group texting. I thought of this idea this summer. I am a captain of a collegiate cross country team and I text my teammates every Sunday asking them how their last week of training went and how many miles they hit. I send out a mass text to my teammates and get back their individual responses. Now this is where my idea comes from. It would be really nice if they had the option to hit reply (so they just reply back to me) or hit reply all (so everyone on the team can see what their teammates are doing). This would be set up just like email; it would just be easier and faster to do it through text messaging. This way everyone could talk to everyone else in the group if they chose to. This would also work real nicely for group events. Someone could text everyone in the group beforehand asking what time to meet up or what to bring, etc and everyone could respond and see each other�s responses so that way it would be much easier to find a meeting time that works for everyone(as one example). This would make it so one person wouldn�t have to talk to everyone in the group multiple times going back and forth to find a mutual agreement among everyone.

Reward: Credit for the idea and a free cell phone contract if a provider ends up using this idea
By kjmeyer11
[quote="joejlitz"]I can do this with my Blackberry Torch.[/quote]

Really? i have been asking people if they have been able to do this with their phones and I haven't found anyone yet. Do the other people also need a Blackberry Torch to be able to respond to all? Thanks for letting me know

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