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By lisarlee101
A Anti-bacterial solution infused into a paper towel. Solution only activated when it gets wet. Looks like paper towels on a roll.

Reward: Post card from Hawaii
By joejlitz
MONTREAL - Paper products maker Cascades is launching an antibacterial paper towel intended to cut down on the amount of bacteria spread by hand contact.

Cascades announced Tuesday the product is aimed at the food-processing and restaurant sectors, aircraft and cruise ships, medical clinics, schools and daycares.

“This innovation responds to a need for improved hand hygiene that is frequently cited by public health experts in recent years,” CEO Alain Lemaire said in a news release.

Cascades said it has been working on the product for five years and views it as a new market niche.

The paper towel is green to distinguish it from regular paper towel, Cascades said.

The Quebec-based company said the antibacterial paper towel reduces the amount of bacteria left on hands after washing and provides antibacterial protection for 30 minutes afterward.

Rest of Article: Cascades launches antibacterial paper towel
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By lisarlee101
Yep, you're right - I should have submitted it years ago... And it won't be long before anti-bacterial toilet paper will be right behind them... no pun intended here. Also, anti-bacterial toilets.

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