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By rg123red
My idea is to have smart traffic lights. We all have been frustrated as the traffic light only stays green for a short period of time and the line of cars is very long. It always seems like the traffic in the other direction has few cars but yet has the same amount of time that the light is stays green. These smart traffic lights would have camera's scanning each direction determining how many cars are waiting at the red light. The traffic light would automatically adjust the time the traffic light is green based on the number of cars waiting at the red light.

Reward: Email me if the idea gets used.
By Bungie
If driving in Italy was not already exasperating enough, what was hailed as the introduction of the world's first smart traffic lights has, in fact, made life even more miserable for more than million of the nation's drivers.

Pioneering technology that could automatically detect motorists who jumped red lights and committed other violations, including speeding and illegal turns, was rigged, it is claimed, to trap the innocent and in the process rake in fines of €150 (£130) a time.

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