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By prochefmike
A system that allows you to "switch" your vehicle to a "teenager mode". This would consist of a speed limiter for the engine so you can control vehicle speed, sensors on the seats to see if there are more passengers than allowed, and a GPS system that you can pre-program to set off an alarm (in the car and at home) if the vehicle enters and restricted area (ie. certain parts of town etc.) With teenage driving deaths at an alltime high, I feel this would be embraced by the insurance industry.

Reward: the actual product
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By Michael D. Grissom
Having been driving instructor to my teenage daughter, I can certainly feel your pain! hahahahahahahahaha I would love to see a web site that does nothing but collect 'war stories' about teaching teenagers how to drive!

I think this is a really great idea! Speed controls (governors) have been available in the past but too many teenagers were killed trying to pass other vehicles without the necessary power to do it. GPS vehicle tracking devices that report to computers or cell phones are currently available.

Personally, I would like to see better driver training in high school. I see too many killed everyday for the same stupid reasons. A few years back, one daughter killed herself and her three sisters simply because 'Drivers Ed' didn't teach her how to get out of a rut on the side of the road --> a TOP killer of teenage drivers.

It is the same reason that many thousands died in the last Tsunami simply because they never learned to SWIM!!! This should be mandatory training for all who live in those areas.
By natasnevaeh
Very good idea, they do have a vesion of this for truck drivers witch allows the company to shut off the vechile if the are not obeying the rules of the road. Why not introduce it to th general public? The only problems I see is cost and monitering of this system.
By sneezyalex
They have things like this. The attached box moniters speed and where the person is. The parent can log online and moniter where and how fast a person has been traveling. If the driver goes over the speed restriction the thing sets off a whistle. I heard about this on the news.
By Reggie Perrin
In England you can have variable insurance depending on the roads you drive and the time of day you drive. it is not much of a leap to add speed to it and that would help.

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