Submissions that have been rejected by the Creativity Pool. - The Docks aren't necessarily the final destination, if a broken idea gets fixed it may travel to a more appropriate category.
By dweissman
My idea is to design a measuring device to assist detectives, crime scene analysts, and any other law enforcement personnel. Measurements at crime scenes are highly important; and when these crime scenes are outside it makes measuring much more difficult because of the hills, and different elevations of the ground. Another disadvantage would be lighting: for example, having to investigate a crime scene at night in the dark. This measuring tool would shoot a beam of light that would display different types of measuring tools such as centimeters, millimeters, yards, etc. The person working the device could chose what type of measurement they want to use and what would be best for the particular investigation. It would make crime scene measurements not only more exact but more efficient as well. It will also save more time which could result in saving contraband/evidence.

Reward: 45% commission

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