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By jodonow
develop an objective way of determining sound quality of input/output devices
have a computer program to check how similar the sound waves are of output/input devices with the best sound wave data existent. So with outputs (speaker,phones) the best microphone would "listen" to the sound produced by the speakers and digitalize it and then the soundwave sample recorded would be compared with the soundwave sample that was reproduced.
with inputs (microphones,pickups) they would be tested side by side with the best available.
By jodonow
Steve wrote:What is the purpose of this idea? :-?

to have an objective (as opposed to subjective) way of determining the sound quality of sound input/output devices (IE microphones, speakers)
Nowadays it's determined by sound experts that listen to the sounds and state their personal opinion on the sound quality.
by it being an objective evaluation it is more precise and unquestionable. whereas the sound experts are still humans thus they are subject to influences (by their mood, personal bias, conscious or subconscious conflicts of interest, etc) that corrupt their evaluation.
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By Steve
As far as I'm aware, the "corruption" you identify as bug is actually a feature: assessing sound is like tasting wine, you could certainly anaylze both "objectively", but to find out which is most pleasant to the human ear or tongue, your only option really is to test it with a human ear or tongue. Hence my question about the purpose. :wink:
By jodonow
[quote="Steve"]assessing sound is like tasting wine :wink:[/quote]
No, it's not. It either sounds like it's intended by the producer or it doesn't. the "flavor" of sound should not be dependent on the speakers at least, cause the producer doesn't control the speakers that the listeners use. He does have an interest in the type/"flavor" of sound that the mic records, but like I said the mics should be tested side by side with the best available (for the chosen task (voice, ambient sounds, musical instruments, etc))
I understand some people like to have speakers that sound a certain way, and I'm not suggesting eliminating the speakers that don't sound as close to the original sound wave as those that do, but to at least have the possibility of having a objective rating of sound fidelity.
+ the flavor of sound can be changed in the sound system itself with equalizers and effects, (which is a lot more flexible too).
I think the speakers should just reproduce the soundwaves they receive from the sound system as similarly as possible.

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