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By Parthasaradhi
The meaning of Environment means
" Universe ENVY about Earth's ORNAMENT "
As everybody knows, our earth is the only planet has got five elements, which made our earth has a object having beautiful ornaments around it.

Reward: I am not expecting any reward. Somebody in Environmental science likes to use my quotation would be happy for me.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I do not know about the 5 elements.
I only know about the 9 or more planets.
What are the 5 elements
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By Steve
The elements I know about are either 4 (material) or 7 (living beings)...
By Parthasaradhi
Here elements means WATER, AIR, SOIL, FIRE, SKY.

In India, we call these five as uncontrollable and nature created called PANCH BHOOTH "PANCH = Five", "BHOOTH = Elements".

I may not be exact in expressing the above, but, What i mean was, EARTH is the only one got above ornaments other than any in this Universe thats why...........
Universe "Envy" on earth's "Ornament" = ENVIRONMENT :-B
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think you're doing just fine Parth. You speak my language much better than I will ever speak anyone elses. I do not have the necessary talent to learn another language. I regret not learning a second language when I was a child. You are VERY lucky!

Keep dreaming the dreams.

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