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By potato
I am happy that i found this site, great idea

But I almost closed the window fast when I saw the layout of the site. I thougt it looked a bit out of date. An idea could be to make it more smouth and apeling.(and attract more people to contribute to the forum)

great site, cool layout would make it even greater.
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By Keith
I'm with potato on this one...
GREAT site with LOTS of content, but the layout made me cringe. A site makeover would be splendid.

But like they said, its not that its bad, its just out of date. ;)
By c05m0
That water ripple applet on the side looks awesome, but I'm browsing the forum at 100% CPU load constantly. : (

edit: ACK, I didn't notice this thread was almost a year old, sorry :x

edit again: Just found the switch to shut it off... *feels stupid*
By greghill
I'm new to this board, just looking around for the first time.
I love the intent of the site. It is a great idea, and I see huge potential for expansion of this site into something that enables realization of ideas.
But I see a couple of easily remedied challenges to overcome immediately.
First, the forum nomenclature is cute, has personality, but its not instantaneously clear to the user (me).
Second, the rules must express the importance of staying on topic, then that must be enforced. Getting off topic wastes time. So the decision must be made whether this site is serious or not.
If those things can happen, I can dedicate more time to this site, if they can't, I'll have to move on.
No offense intended, I'm not here to cause trouble, only to help.
Faithfully, greghill

reward: efficient, constructive support system for developing creativity
By jhonkevin
There are lots of software or tools are available to developed or design a web sites. Using this software you can just a drag and drop some control into your web page and check it its output. Some editor software are also available to modify the site.
By jonnybbush
I think you have to use and web-design software, There are so many web-design software are available otherwise you have to use any web-design tool. My suggestion is that using ASP.Net and Notepad is best for site designing.
By smithsjhons
Always follow These tips - Keep it very simple, Less number of columns, Self explanatory icons, Large logo design, Text size small and Making navigability easy. Now its easy to any one whose create site design.
By mickyjulien
Always follow this Information for site design.

- Choose Right Background Color.
- Fast Loading web site designs.
- Clear Navigation.
- Browser Compatibility.
- Use professional looking fonts.
- Check for broken links.
- Right Information with Image.
By Tarde
Ok so I have had a look around at different ideas and I can't help but noticing that I will tend to have a bias towards looking at those with higher "temperatures" then others. My problem is I am less likely to read them even if I think the concept is interesting because of this rating being so eye catching. Perhaps an option for hiding or a hover over tool would reduce this bias for people like me.

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