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By markshian
Alot of people these days back pack all over the world and tons of people join camping expeditions and challenges such as eco challenge which require you to carry your ten tonned bag pack all over the country. This can be energy comsuming.

Here's an idea i thought about. Attach a mini helium baloon on the top of the bag pack. The force of the baloon going upwards will help lighten the weight of the bag pack. The bigger the baloon, the more weight it will take off.

Only problem is that you'll need to carry gas tanks around to fuel the balloon. I also thought of creating a back pack with pockets which are filled with compressed helium maybe it'll help? If left unattended... their back pack may end up in another country.

Any ideas anyone??

Reward: Thousands of campers and outdoor people all over the world will buy this product. It will help them go further. last longer.
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By Michael D. Grissom
You've got a great imagination Mark. With your keen interest in baloons, parachutes, and airplanes you'll probably end up being one of those guys that flys everything on earth at least once. ;-D

For now, dream about flying this:
By Rishi
Let us try out some numbers in this. Fourteen cubic feet of Helium provide about one lb lift. Assuming a modest 8 lbs for the school bag and an additional two lbs for the balloon, the support webbing, and the gas cylinder with the gas (You need about one and a half lbs of Helium to get the necessary lift), one need about 140 cubic feet balloon to provide the required support.

If the usual shape of a weather balloon is retained including the tether the entire contraption will be 20 feet high and about 8 feet maximum diameter. A fair bit of congestion if every kid sports one. Schools will need balloon parks. Helium being expensive a thriving business can result in cylinders of the gas.

While the kids will not get air-borne, winds can play havoc. Such a large object will create considerable drag and pull the kids every which way. The balloons may snag low level structures also.

Why not a digital alternative. There was a product announcement of a USB based solid state memory(256 MB) hosed in the cap of a regular ball pen. It should be possible to load the entire syllabus of a normal school curriculum in one of these. Bags, vamoose!

The childs desk top can be a monitor with a writing pad function. Whatever notes the child takes is stored into its personal digi-pen, as also the assignments. The child goes home and plugs into the comp to do the home work. May be a pen for each subject?

I seem to have wandered off at a tangent considering only school bags, because this was a major topic in the media in India recently.

If one were to consider heavier back packs, one will end up with huge balloons indeed!

By sk8mad85
balloon would be way too big in order to lift a significant amount of weight. also it would not last long either, helium dies out, doesnt seem logical with the use of helium, maybe something that could create downward force, enough to reduce weight, but not enough to lift hiker in the air.
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