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By ratnakar
could the people at this site change the layout. Afterall this is the creativitypool site and the layout is absolutely boring. Maybe you guys should use flash animations to make it more lively. If you can manage a 3D, that would be creative and fantastic.

Reward: thousand hits per day??
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By Steve
Good point, ratnakar! ;-D You can send me something at any time, and if it's more creative and better-looking than what we have now, I'll be likely to put it up. Just remember that all that stuff also needs to be downloaded (and a lot of folks still use regular 56k modems), so fancy flash movies are probably not the way to go...
By MissPlayful
I was interested in the ideas and comments of ratnakar and Steve and would like to add my own perspective on this topic.

I use a computer made in the Windows 95 era, so it is quite slow by modern standards, but it still does everything I want a computer to do. I use a 56k modem, and to stay within budget I can only download about 2.5 Mb per day. So for me, the less special effects, bells, whistles and tinsel there are on webpages the better.

There is also a broader principle here - the overall efficiency of the internet. To me the internet is a fabulous contruction, one of the seven wonders of the modern world. There has never been anything like the internet in the history of humankind. Who knows what we can achieve, build and solve with the internet in the years and generations to come. Let’s not load it down with unneccessary baggage. Let’s keep it as free as we can and as efficient and fast as we can.

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