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By hickangel01
I had this idea one day when I was riding home with my boyfriend. When I get sick and drive or ride on the way home I always need a heating pad to make me feel better. So this idea just popped in my head. It's a heating pad the plugs into your cigarette lighter or AV adapter in your vehicle. This would be a good idea for long road trips or just on the way home trips to at least relief the pain of your aches until you get home. I also thought about adding a massaging option with it for headaches or back pains.
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By Steve
You'll be happy to know that this already exists and that it's even quite common. I bought one of those for my dad more that a year ago, and they actually had a selection of different makes and brands. I guess that should be available in any auto supply shop.
By hickangel01
Really? I Didn't know that~ I had no idea. Oh well there goes that idea. I've never seen one though. :-/ Thanks!
By headwerkn
SAAB have made cars with electrically headed front seats since the 70s. They work quite well, not only keeping you warm on cold days, but also help to keep the blood following through your shoulders, back, etc., eleviating stillness.

BMW have recently started putting their "Active Seats" system in some of their more upmarket cars. While not quite vibrating massage chairs, they do have various moving rollers so as to prevent muscle stiffness during long trips. They also have a heated seating option for most of their cars.
By nephilim
i went in a range rover a while back and it had a heated steering wheel - the dogs nads

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