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By mtd28student
Have you ever been a passanger in a car and wanted to have a sleep. If you take a pillow and lean it against the window it always ends up bunched up and your head ends up hitting the window. I think that if you put plungers on the pillow (so that it would stick to the window) it would help prolong the sliding down of it, meaning that you would get a longer sleep.

A very simple idea, not sure of the market though. :)

Reward: long lenghty sleeps
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By Michael D. Grissom
Anti-skid silicone rubber like that used on bath mats could be used on one side of the pillow and would probably be easier/cheaper to manufacture. I have suffered the same problem on long trips and like this idea.

I have been reading your posts and think you have great potential (if that's your current pic). I hope you decide to hang here.

By zyx Rationalist
This idea is extremly uesful for buses.
By zyx Rationalist
why not have a detector that detects reflection from your eyes and alarms if u go sleepy while u r driving, lot of accidents will be averted
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By Michael D. Grissom
Student is trying to go to sleep not stay awake. The detector you mentioned was done in the late 70's and was in Popular Science.
By Tara Clark
Great idea. I am a single mother who works nights. When I pick my children up at night they sleep on the way home. I am always watching their little heads all hunched over. Just last night while watching them, I thought of this exact idea. Which is what brought me to this web site to see if the idea is already out there. Great thinking. You beat me to the idea. Go with it. I think it would be successful. I would buy it if it was on the market.

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