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By jpmaddali@yahoo.com
Hi all,

Most of times when we park the car and lock it through our electronic remote locking device and go for our work. Some times we wonder, whether we locked the car or not.

My suggestion, is why can't we have two LED's on remote key which are Red and Green. If red LED is glowing that means car is not locked and green means its locked and secure. I dont think this involves a big expenditure, by using potential free contacts and using the power from key battery. what you guys think???

By Niah25
thats a good idea, but you would have to explain to the company why this would be a good product. Basically i would think that people should already know if their car is locked or unlocked.
By Doc
Came out of Walmarts to find I locked my keys in my Buick.

Thought for a while - Went inside and bought a screwdriver, but couldn't find any steel coathangars.

I broke off my antenna, bent it into an arc, pried outer corner of door (outside upper corner) with screwdriver, inserted the antenna and pressed door unlock switch -- PRESTO!

Had to spend ten bucks for new screw-on antenna, but saved a hundred bucks by not calling road service!

Hope this helps someone:~)

Doc . . .

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