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By El malki Boubker
Get rid of your remote controller and just use your voice to switch between channels.
By Tobias Meyer
What´s so hot about this one? Yelling at the TV-Screen all the time would not only spray bits of popcorn and nachos all over the place. It would have to shut up the whole family so you´d have to keep in mind what the keywords are or else you´d be unpurposely chanel hopping all of the time.
By Elvis O'Toole
Get rid of the remote controller and just read a book...
By Earnest
Great - and who will turn the pages?
By will
one problem tho... when i am sick id watch tv all day instead of work, so what if im sick and a soar throat, and like bill gates comes on or something, then what, i gotta sit there and suffer, im in enough pain... consider some more and revise the idea to fit this.
By mtbelanger
You know kids who have brothers and sisters, when they are watching tv they fight over what to watch, I know I did. So all the kids would be yelling a channel and the tv would be going berserk.
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is easy to do on Apple MAC G4 and G5 computers that have TV capabilities so why not a regular TV? Maybe this is something that should be built in as an added feature to TIVO (that rogue cable TV box that eliminates commercials).

BTW -- did you know that to date there have been NO viruses or worms written for the Apple MAC OSX operating system (ZERO) and its been around for a long time. This is why the US govt. has decided to consider the MAC for its next generation of computers. And now you know why I'm a "MAC addict".
By lamine
great idea. although their might be the problem of overuling the TV sound with your own voice, etc...
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By Michael D. Grissom
Speaker out/voice command conflict is NOT a problem. Active/Passive noise cancelling microphone technology like that used in aircraft head sets is relatively cheap. The TV knows exactly what its audio output is and can therefore electronically cancel any amount of that exact audio waveform that tries to come back through the microphone. Because your voice commands are not even remotely similar to the audio signature of the TV speaker output, everything you say will be decoded normally. Can you say... piece-of-cake?
By lamine
Can you say... piece-of-cake?

all right. got it :-b ...

peace-of-cake! ;-D

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