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By Steve
There's an entire generation out there that would desperately need mobile phones, but they are more or less barred from their use. I'm talking about elderly people who would love to have a mobile for certain situations, but today's phones are so small and the buttons even smaller that they simply can't use them.

What I am thinking of is a simple device with just a couple of picture buttons - one for calling the doctor, one for a taxi, one for the grand daughter etc. The grand children (or the mobile shop) would program those buttons once and even old people with bad eyes and shaky fingers could easily handle such a device.

Reward: Such a mobile for free for my parents who will need it by the time it has been invented
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By Michael D. Grissom
Steve -- in the US there are both cell phones and iPods with 'touch screens' that allow the positioning of rows and columns of photos and icons that when touched will dial a phone number. These photos and icons can each be made full screen and cycled through with the jogging button (for those with really poor eyesight).
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By Steve
Ok, cool - I did a quick search on Google before posting the idea but couldn't find anything.

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