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By carrariensibus
just a short note to say that your post on Mon Feb 23, 2004 4:38 pm was incorrect. or in fact the word suspension was incorrect.
you have posted a picture of the mongoose mountainboard with a rigid frame, in fact this model is one of the most solid rigid models on the market! you see the only suspension up until 2001 was in fact, the flex in the actual board deck.
secondly, a little research on google will only turn vague representations of full suspension boards dampened with no more than 25mm of polymer or at its very best a system of damping that incorporates into the truck, but never full suspension.
(i shouldnt say that there is a manufacturer that makles a full full suspension model but the problem is that to actually feel the effects of the suspension one would have to weight about 300 pounds. i like to think of this one as a rigid suspension for bragging rights only.)
i think what the skateboard world needs is an engineer to make the skateboards and the skaters to ride them not the other way around
By Daryl666
there is a little shop near my capmus whish has a $300 (Canadian funds seeing as i live in Vancouver.) skateboard that has Full suspension and brakes and as a given bonus you get a 49cc 2-stroke engine on the back of it. all with a control much like a waterski tow handle except that it has a throttle and a brake lever. beats the hell out of a skateboard despite the fact its quite a bit bigger. i would call it a streetcarver b4 calling it a skateboard.
By extremelychris
ViceTrux (Colorado Design Engineers) are releasing to the World Market a new patent pending "rigid suspension skateboard truck" during the Spring of 2009! So, how does it feel? The sensation and switch out blows doors! With four unique custom cushions, performance demanding riders find this to be the perfect radical solution in a light weight truck that truly grips the road and creates the sensation of snowboarding over fresh groomer terrain.
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