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By showmethegadget
I think somone should create clothing that can detect the surrounding temperature and adjust a heating system or cooling system appropriately... wouldn't that be a dream!

Reward: Make it affordable!
By brywin
The cloth should be affordable and durable for the customer's satisfaction. If this will be invented, i think there will be a good relationship between customer and producers.
By Rishi
This could be a case for the Peltier effect device, which is a solid state device that instantly heats or cools depending on the direction of current. Some applications are described by various people around the pool.
The electronics is quite elementary. The catch will lie in powering the unit.

A clothing of this sort can have a surface area of upto 20 square feet. For the expected temperature differences the unit will require about 50 watts of power. Fairly bulky and heavy batteries will be needed to provide such a power for any length of time(3 to 4 hours?).

Excellent thought though.

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By Steve
No clue if solar technology is already that far - apart from the price, any chance to use solar cells for powering? :-?
By Rishi
That is certainly an interesting idea, Steve.

The work on flexible solar photo-voltaics is probably quite advanced. Likwewise that on polymeric batteries. If the outer covering is made of solar cells, the lining (Eighth of an inch?) can be the polymeric battery, and the inner layer a metallised heat sink(source, when used for heating) attached to the Peltier chip, you will have a winner, which can be quite competitively priced I think.

Doable, not too Asimovish.


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