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By cat
This idea has worked so well in my community that I have to share it. The University allowed large bulletin boards to be put up on campus, free to the whole city - there is an Events board with a music, arts, political action, religious, and Social section on it - people can put up that thier band is playing or they are having a party and want people to come to it, or a potluck, or whatever - there is a roommates board where you can post rooms for rent you have, and a carpool board where you can post trips you are planning to take or rides to places you need, like if a bunch of people want to get together to carpool to the grocery store once a week - there is a goods and services swap board - like for example you say you need your house painted and you are willing to run errands for somebody for a week as a trade. There is a for sale, and a pets board - and even a 'poetry' board covered in paper that people write random things all over. There is even a romance board -basically this board serves as a much more personal and local and up-to-date classifeds page for the community. Some friends of mine got together a group via this board - every night, one of us cooks dinner and we all come eat - food costs are a little lower, there is less waste, and we only have to cook and wash dishes once a week! So you can see this type of board can be useful.

An online version of this would be nice too! If this happens, I have some things I'd like to post on it.

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