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By Movjo
My idea is that magnetic shapes or characters (for younger children)
attach to the corner of eyeglasses to dress them up a bit. Especially
for children who have to wear them.
By Rishi
Magnetic implies that either the picture/label or the frame has to be a magnet and the other iron based. Will it not be simpler to have a pressure sensitive adhesive backed artwork that can stick to any surface? It can be changed more often to provide variety.

These can be giveaways in cereals, canned drinks, etc.

By MissPlayful
Good idea Movjo! I'm sure children who wear glasses would love to be able to easily change decorations to suit their mood, and many adults too! I wonder if magnetic shapes or characters might be easily knocked off though - perhaps either Rishi's adhesive or else a mini-clamp, screw-on or click-on system of some kind might be more secure.
By MissPlayful
And is there a removable paint - similar to nail polish perhaps, made specifically for glasses, that can be painted onto frames to change their colour to match our clothes and our moods (ranging from dark and doomy to sexy-spectral dazzle!)? (Plastic will dissolve in some solvents so please be careful if you try this.)

I haven’t had time to do a full search on Google, but a search for “decorating sunglasses” showed that a craft of decorating sunglasses does exist at least locally. Whether it extends to other kinds of glasses and whether it includes commercially available add-ons and frame-paint I don’t know.

If Movjo’s shapes and character add-ons and the glasses paint don’t exist or aren’t fully developed commercially then here is surely an opportunity for an enterprising inventor. There would be more than a billion pairs of glasses of one sort or another currently in use around the world I would think.

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