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By mtd28student
After burning countless bags of pop corn in the microwave, i thought that there must be a better method of timing the cooking time.

A microphone would be placed in the microwave. During the first minute or so of operation, the microphone would pick up the ambient noise and set this as a base line. It could then pick up the sound of the pop corn popping.

When the frequency of the popping decreases to one every two or three seconds, the microwave would stop.

Reward: none, nothing
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By Steve

Add a smart stove that reduces the heat when the soup boils over and hits the cooking plate.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OUTSTANDING IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! --> and very simple to accomplish.

On Memorial Day, at a Best Buy store, I was given the task of popping one 3.5 oz. microwave popcorn bag (all identical in brand) in each of 22 different microwave ovens. Almost all had a "Popcorn" button. Only two did the job consistently right (both were LG brand). (Note: the results might be different if I changed the brand or any other variable)

Your idea would perfect this common task regardless of the brand or any other variables like weight, microwave power setting, and starting temperature (frozen for example).

This simple option could make a major difference in the market share of any brand to capture exclusive rights on a patent for this. Please email me outside of this forum (email address in my profile here) if you are interested in pursuing a patent. If you're not interested, please state that in an update to this post as well. I would love to see somebody do this!

Steve<--- just a thought but, when the boil begins then rapid heat loss also begins (steam). This could be sensed in the resulting very slight but unusually sudden change in the heating element current which could then be used to automatically adjust the temperature. This can also be done with gas (different sensors). I think you should start another topic on this one.

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