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By yeoldmaid
I sometimes make and sell a craft, and wish to share my idea. Before I begin, I should tell you that I WAS going to trademark the name "Splatterware", but I decided that since I'm too poor to develop this idea, I'd share it with the global community at large.

Spatterware (or whatever someone wants to call them) are unique, hand designed jeans.

I buy good used jeans in bulk at garage sales and thrift stores and decorate them. I always sell out of them, but am only able to do a few dozen or so a year, due to time constraints.

What I do: I buy various small cans of both regular house type and spray paint. I lay several pairs of jeans on a large tarp outdoors. (due to fumes, this is a good idea, but you have to do it when there is little or no wind.) One method (preferred) that I use is to dip several size brushes in two complentary colors of paint (example: purple and black on white jeans, or yellow and powder blue on black jeans) I just dip in the tip. Wearing gloves, I hold the brush about 6 inches from the jeans and pull the bristles back with my hand. This gives a splatter effect. I also will sometimes vary this technique with shaking or twirling the brush. Another technique I use is with various colors of spray paint, held a good distance away from the jeans. Doesn't always work as well, but you do get more uniform dots.

Lately, because I go to horse/livestock auctions with my jeans sometimes, I also custom make horse/dog/cat/cow stencils that I put on the back pockets. The colors I use in the stencils coordinate with ONE of the colors in the jeans---VERY POPULAR! Other designs I use, since I live in the Adirondacks, are trout, pinecones, mountains, and deer heads. But you can conceiveably make stencils out of anything, or even use storebought stencils....let your imagination run wild!!

I do ask that if you do make these jeans to sell, that you do what I do with items that don't sell...please donate them to to charity! Thanks for reading my idea, have a good day.

Reward: A thank you is fine (but a horse related gift would be nice too.)

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