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By Sedgewick
Just a thought, but what would the world be like without time or dates. Do we really need to know, What if we didn't. What if it really didn't matter what we knew or when?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Who ever said it did?

I always thought that what we know is the root of all bad things.
By crazykev
we invented the clock, we invented the calender, we invented the year, the week, the day, the month, the second, the millisecond, the nanosecond, etc.. We invented dates by inventing the year.

Without us, time would just be considered a never ending continuim.
No rather.. without us, time wouldn't even be considered because we wouldn't know what time was. LOL. Am I wrong?
By stephan d
If time did not exist nothing would move. Nothing can travel in space without traveling in time. We all travel forward in time, we also would find it early impossable to not travel in space. :-) We didn't invent time, we discovered it. ;-)
By Jim10
In such a timeless world...a "non-watch" would fit in nicely: a watch without hands, just the word: "NOW" printed on the face. If someone asked you the would look at your non-watch and reply with confidence: "NOW".
By luckycooky
i thought time was just a concept of the human mind. the original poster is right, we do not need time, but then arrangin a meeting would become a lot harder. you would just have to go and wait (however long, doesn't matter) until they show. so basically without time there could be no work. no more 9-5 dross.

well on second thoughts, our concept of time is a measurment of how far our planet is around the sun at any given moment. people like the aztecs knew about that, so blame them for the current state of the planet, everyone worried about getting somewhere etc.
By Target359
w/o time everything is chaos

if a store was closed now w/o time technicaly its allways closed and when its open its allways open
By shankitr
Time is relative- A reference point. it DOES not exist in reality. Life would still be the same or shud i say better !!!!! It would all be in the HERE n NOW rather than the THEN n THERE. to draw a metaphor, it wud be like monalisa's look- eyeing u no matter which direction u look at it from.

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By AaronBurns
The absolute basic fact is that, right now, time does not exist except in the minds of those whose minds are concieving it.
If you've studied the concept you would know allready that time is totally man made and is truely not real in the first place.
In other words maybe we should create more concepts, like time, rather than contemplate those that allready exist.
Who ever invents a concept better than time (Which is not real anyway) would receive more replies than anyone here.
I pose that we ask the inventors here to consieve more of these.
I would surely reply.
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By Steve
True, time is no force of nature, but it isn't man-made either (animals perceive it, too). Time is linked to change and movement, so whereever there's an object, there's also time (because all known objects move or change over TIME). In a dark void, there's no time either, but you can't put it to the test, because if you go and take a peek, you'll be the object introducing time. ;-)
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By AaronBurns
You are wrong if you think time isn't man made. A man actually invented it. Animals and us, if we didn't make it, would just measure deteriation by event which is the force of nature from which time was conceived.
I believe it all started from the history of the event of the difference between night and day and the concept later was made into time as a measuring device like math. Is Math concieved by animals? No. Then why do you think time is?
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By Steve
Well, if you put it that way... if you describe time as a measuring device that is man made per definitionem, then it is very hard to contradict. ;-) But of course there are also broader definitions for time - deteriation of events, as you put it, may itself already be a pretty good definition of time, and experiments show that it is perceived by a wider range of beings.
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By AaronBurns
Yes, it is percieved by other creatures but, by different definition.
After all we can't think without some way to measure or see differences by comparison. We virtually would have no way to learn since all things would stay the same forever. Then all things would be frozen, intellectualy and physically, felt or thought. By our brains and bodies. Since our bodies feel time in someway is only quantifyable by the connection between our brains and bodies. But, we still agree. I say we find more ways to measure forces that we can think and feel. We can think of centrifical forces and physics but, we only fell those with our bodies. We need things that we can think and measure and then feel all the time.
I have an idea, lets measure all things with our minds instead of our bodies like a measurement that feels good.
Kind of weird but, it might work.
Can you think of one?
I started by measuring length of objects and could feel it.
A step further down the freaky road is I.Q. that can be felt. Since most things felt are emotional, the other componant to the total package of intellectual tools is E.Q., an important part of the mind.
Fill me in. I seem to have confused myself and probably you too!
I must apologize for that. You can take it from here.
Can anyone actually feel I.Q. or is it Emotions that are felt?
By treadair
This might be a bit of a tangent but it's something I've often wondered about. As gravity increases time slows. It's said that if you watched a spaceship approaching the event horizon of a black hole it would eventually look like it stopped from your viewpoint. To the people inside the ship it would look like life was going on at its normal rate of speed. I've never read anywhere what the universe would look like to the people inside the ship if they looked out the window though. In other words, how fast is time passing for the universe in relation to a stopped observer? Would there just be streaks of light everywhere?
By treadair
Another question - how can the Hubble telescope see light coming at it from 13.5 billion light years away regardless of what direction it looks in with those same points of light all originating shortly after the universe was created? Wouldn't that put us at the center of the universe? (Much as we like to think so, I doubt that we're that important.)

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