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By rip3000gt
A long handled electrical device with a rotating brush at the end that someone could use to clean a bathtub. No more bending over or getting down on hands and knees. Could be similiar to the idea of an electric toothbrush but of course very large with a good sturdy easy-to-hold handle. A person should be able to stand while using this product. It should have brushes that clean the bottom of the tub as well as the sides.
By MissPlayful
Yes agreed - and not only for the bath but the shower as well. The key as you say is to be able to clean standing up. If you have a small shower cubicle as I do it’s quite uncomfortable cleaning the lower walls and floor. Remembering that water and electricity don’t mix you would need to be very careful about safety. I would like to see some other source of power driving it - perhaps compressed air from a hand operated compressor your partner, children or uninvited rellie has to turn by hand.
By Ikester30
;-D That's the best idea that I've seen yet. I have multiple sclerocis and it's very difficult to clean the shower. I hope that someone comes up with that idea because it would make my life easier.
By MaddieDT
They make brushes with long handles that hook up to a hose for washing cars. What if you can modify one of those for use in the bathtub. You can add an attachment which hooks a short hose up to the bathroom faucet. The force of the water coming through the brush at the end can spin it to create more friction for better cleaning. It may be possible to add a small bottle near the brush to contain the cleaner which would then come out with the water. This would all be powered from the force of the water and eliminate the need for electricity.
By The_Joe
now cleaning a tub isnt that hard... you can add some salt to the original cleanner to us the salt as a mnior srubbing thing. slat is good for every thing... food , cleaning killing slugs ,ect

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