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By tuba_jedi_master
I had an idea the other day when I was walking through the rain with an umbrella that only allowed 1/4th of my body to prevent from getting wet. We all know how uncomfortable rain coats are because they're so close to your body and that causes easy muggyness. I propose an idea of an umbrella with a detachable velcro-lined clear plastic that's about 3-5ft in length. This goes all the way around your body and drapes down to about your knees or your shoes. It's clear so you can see through it, and since it's so long your purse won't get wet, or what have you. Also, because it's detachable, on those beach days, you can still use it as shade. Please tell me what you think about that.
By shankitr
That sure is a wonderful idea....guess u can do it yourself sitting at home n then flaunt it around so that it picks popularity... am sure u wud have many people duplicating the same pronto!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!! dont wiat for us to share our thoughts on sure is incredible!!!!! JUST DO IT NOW!!!!!!
By Deceptive Geko
They have these already. I have seen people with them. I dont know if a company makes them or if the individuals who use them have made the umbrellas themselves but I do know that they are certainly not popular by any means and if someone were to make them popular, they would be rich. I wish I had an unbrella factory.

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