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By asbestosfriend
I think they (car stereo manufacturers) need to create a car stereo that has a USB port in the stereo for flash drives and MP3 players. Then you can simply plug your MP3 player in and listen to whatever tunes you downloaded.

Costs would be minimal as all it would take are a few extra chips and it could also be firmware upgradable.

By msmale
thats a good idea however if u have a mp3 u can buy a tape connecter and connect 2 ur mp3 or what not but ur idea is better
By revolution27
i love that idea
By theman
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By Keith
JVC and a few other brands already include an "AUX-In" port on front of their players. My buddy has one and we plug his iPod into it all the time... we even took it a step further by purchasing a DC inverter and pluging in a synthesiser and hooking it into the stereo input. We drove downtown making our own music... it was Awesome!

The 1/8" to 1/8" plug adapters can be picked up at your local Radio Shack... check with your local Circuit City to find car stereos that have an AUX-In on them. :)

The next step after that is Car Stereo's with Bluetooth in them... this allowes you to transfer songs to them through wireless signals as well as the ability to utilize Bluetooth enabled phones to carry on your conversations through your car speakers... life is wonderful!

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