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By patrick95
It would be so easy to create a guage that could measure driving conditions. Anyone who has ever driven somewhere that has a bad winter has probably been in a situation where your driving and you begin to second guess weather or not your traveling to fast becouse you realy cant tell how slick the roads are. What if there was a solid rubber wheel that came down on something that looked like an airplanes landing gear. The wheel would start off spinning freely then automatically start braking and it would measure how many pounds of braking pressure it took to stop the wheel. A small computer would take that number and calculate it and how fast you were going and come up with the friction on the road. The friction then be measured on a scale of 1 to 10. Maybe on being ideal, and ten being pure ice. I can only imagine how many lives would be saved each year with a product like this.
By jacobpatrick
hi there
you may have already thought about this but if you haven't this is one to put a little thought into.
the problem with your idea is not all roads have the same friction factor and in england especialy you never know when the road surface your driving on will from tarmac to gravel to chippings
maybe one way around this is to not have an extra wheel but to have one of the existing wheels constantly testing the friction of the road.
By salamnder
i think this could be done optically. Another wheel creates drag and astetically it will look odd, but with laser accracy you could be able to tell the cars computer what the road contions are

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