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By mking
Why not have one bottle that is divided down the middle with ketchup in one half and mustard on the other. Put back to back flip top lids on it and a fancy label. There you go! No more searching for one or the other.

Reward: Let the world enjoy their Hot Dogs
By angelala
That's an awesome idea. It would reduce waste too.
By sneezyalex
Great Idea! ;-D :-D
By MPSAtenza
By adc85
I fully support this idea. The more space saved in the refridgerator, the better! =P
By mike123
reminds me of the penut butter and jelly in the same jar. im not sure if they still make that stuff, but i geuss it was a decent idea, it was mainly a way of getting a marketing buzz rather than convenience factor though. this might be a good idea considering that heinz just recently failed with their newest marketing scheme of disgusting coloured ketchups, like purple and green. it could be just the right time for somthing new.
By Eddyson
This would be great if you consumed both ketchup and mustard at the same rate. But what do you do when you've used up all the ketchup and still have half the mustard left, or vice-versa?
By The_Joe
how would you squezze the bottle?
(the bottle) :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?
By mully88
Better yet, why not just create one bottle with the 2 condiments mixed together to creat a NEW condiment called "Ketchard."

Heinz....Are you out there listening??
i like this idea and i hope heinz is listening because this has really got potential ;-D
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By Steve
J0K3RMx wrote:Dude, im doing that mor the Tech. fair at my school. Message me at my msn ( ) to see the pics after February 4. You can also talk to me before that date n_n Thanks a lot.

Can you send me the pics as well? Then I could add them to the thread. Good luck! ;D
By J0K3RMx
Sorry, we decided we wouldn't do it because it would be very difficult to make the division. BUUUT... we will make some slippers with mini flash lights attached to them. Hope you like it :D

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