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By Dasha Ostrova
OK, I have just moved to California from the East Coast, and to my shock, I have discovered that there are no Dunkin Donuts in this other wize perfect state. Here is the deal: either give me 50,000 to start one, or start one your self. Please.....

Reward: All the coffee you can drink in your whole life!
By dandy
After all of those unforgettable years of slaving away at Dunkin Donuts, you still want more of those donuts!! Ay Ay Ay.
I have noticed the lack of a familiar concept in NYC, but to my big fortune, someone has already picked up your idea, making Dunkin Donuts, one of the fastest growing chains in NYC.
But anyway, how are things?
Haven't seen you for a while. Found you here, after spending an hour "googleyzing"


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