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By Josh Napier
Have you ever arrived at the movie theater late and can't find a seat because of the darkness? Well I've thought of an idea of a Seat Sensor. There will be an electronic chart in the back of the theater which has the display of the seats in the theater. When you sit down on the seat, the sensor goes dark, but remaining seats that are not occupied will remain lit.

Reward: Being seated quicker and easier in the movie theaters.
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By Steve
How about putting a small chip on your movie ticket? When the sensor in your seat senses that your movie ticket (in your pocket) is close by, it will light up the seat, and the light will go off when you sit down. That would ensure that in a movie theater that's half empty, people aren't disturbed by all the lights of vacant seats throughout the movie. :-?
By daddy-o
I thought the same idea would work in church.
Instead of wandering around for open seats (in daylight) you could see a grid indicating open spaces to accomodate your entire family.
B-) Anyway, the theatre makes even more sense due to the dark.
By MPSAtenza
i have a better idea. Why not just stay with the Display board as mentioned.

As well,

integrate a LIGHTED Seat no. on each individual seats.


Empty Seat -> SEAT NO. IS LIGHTED * most probably powered by LEDs *

Seat Taken -> SEAT NO. is DISMISSED * LEDs goes off. *

ok guys... comments please...
and do you think this can be considered a big or major projects?
By Stewie123
But what if someone leaves their seat to go to the bathroom or get some popcorn. Would the display light up the seat? If so then this can cause some argueements between people.
By virole
My primary concern as a former movie theater manager would be the mass number of people lining up and looking for seats on one or two boards BEFORE the movie starts which leads to complaints about more lines, missing previews, ect. K.I.S.S. we have play with many ideas about assisted seating, ect. The best thing we have found is first come first server works best. Remember to read the back of your ticket when at the movies. Arguements over seating usually lead to manager intercession and since the movie theater reserves the right to remove someone from a theater for any reason without refund most deputes over seats are settled outside. :P
By GadgetmanKen
One could place low d/c power ElectroLuminescent light strings near the top of the seats, say at an inch or two below the top, facing toward the front. If someone is seated in that seat you shouldn't be able to see much, if any at all, of the low light string. If its unoccupied it will glow. If someone has gotten up to get popcorn or use the john it could turn another color, or become dotted to let someone know its only temporary, say for ten minutes or less. Then it will turn back on all the way. This forward lighting will not shine into the eyes or be bright enough to distract the show with too much light. AND it would ultimately look rather cool, I think.
By GadgetmanKen
Or for another approach, you could put the light string on the front edge of the seat. If someone is seated you won't be able to see the light. If it isn't occupied you will see the light because, like at most theaters I have been to, the seat folds upward anyway when not occupied, thus showing a line of light between the occupied seats..

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