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By Sore_Neck_Dirver
This is an idea that really hit me in the face. I don't know what it was, my anti-depressants had final kicked in and ideas came flooding out of me.

I recently decided to go and get my licence, I'd been procrastinating for a long time, as I am in my mid 20's. But the problem came when I got behind the wheel and noticed 1 very major problem. See, I wear glasses, and have a physcological fear of things going in my eyes.

When I started learning how to drive, I realised I had a big problem, when I go to change lanes, my head turns but my eyes need to look around the glasses in order to see behind to switch lanes. The result is my eyes are unprepared for the change in focus and it's a complete blur. By law in my country, you need to look over your shoulder to swap lanes. So using the side mirrors is unacceptable for anything other then reverse parking.

This idea hit me, as I had been trying to figure a way out of the problem which would probably leave me unable to drive. What if your car can track the presence of other cars? You could design a special ripple strip that runs around the entire length of your car, and a device that bounces signals off cars. This is very similar to radar technology, however radar cannot be used correctly in this application due to a number of health issues. When planes take off air craft carriers they have to switch their radars off or it will severely harm any deck crew near.

No matter what, the beam has to be extremely high resolution. The costs of creating such technology would be very high. Alternatively, the applications of this technology are very extreme. The technology could also be used to detect the speeds of cars, you could even design it to give you information including number plates and registration. The beam when hitting a interception on the car then would send it this information back. Which is useful if an accident occurs. No more hit and run. This could be used as a black box recording device that could even be used in a court of law to work out who is in the wrong.

The police could also use the technology to very easily detech stolen cars. Heck, you wouldn't need an officer to sit by the side of the road taking down information. you could just put detection nodes on the actual roads. Speeds could be easily monitored via these devices. Even a car's pollution emissions could be detected.

Is this pie in the sky? Nope, this is the future. Such technology could critically save lives. Car's could be built with brakes that engage with a faster responce time, allowing the car to get into the action of breaking even before a person's eyes can respond to upcoming danger. Heck, it could even enforce correct stopping distances between cars. Computers in the cars could detech when things need to be fixed on cars like brake pads and suspension.

The thing is, roads are becoming clogged, accidents are happening too much, too many people are being killed on the roads. Lots of money goes into saving peoples lives at hospitals, why not put a lot of research into trying to prevent people from needing to go to hospitals. Over time as population continues to blume, there might not be a choice in the matter. The idea is efficient. The idea can easily work. If they can pack a missle with active radar to lock onto moving targets, and they've had this technology for over 20 years now, how hard would it be to put this into a more residential practice?

We have the technology, we have the economy to start implementing it, why not? Cars are a huge industry globally. Such an idea is the biggest thing to hit since tar and concrete roads.

Do you like this idea? As the goodyear ad says 'if it only saves your life once in a year, it's a good year'.
By nov8r
Have you ever seen safety glasses with side shields?
OK your smart enough to figure the rest out. And the antidepressants aren"t helping your thinking,at least on this one.
By nov8r
You could also wear contacts with non-magnifying glasses, it's cheaper than radar.
By duckout
I think the idea of cars having on board computers for communication with others on the road via sensors and radar/ultrasound is excelent but i think it has allready been done probably by the car companies but the technology has not yet got to the road as a standard needs to be agreed and established.

We all sometimes get neck ache from time to time especially after driving long distances I know many elderly poeple have problems looking over their shoulder. There is a blind spot mirror available i sell one on my website they are inexpensive and do the job.

PS dont tell the police that though as you should still look over you shoulder when pulling out from a slip road.

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