Gather feedback on ideas and inventions that you plan to market yourself, or find partners for further development. Remember that anyone can read your post, so don't disclose any confidential information about your project.
By couchcorners
Hey guys I am new here to this sight and I need some help big time...Ok I have a great product/idea and I can't seem to get it going. The idea is that most people with cats have furniture tore up from the claws...Well I have invented a clear plastic cover for the corner of the piece of furniture. Its called Couch Corners and I have a web site unter the same name I have it patent pending but I can't seem to sell them very well. I know its a great idea but I just don't know were to go now. I have some some on Ebay but not enought to justify the cost of the auctions. I have Pet Smart and Pet Co that wants to stock it but they want me to distribute it and I just don't have the capabilities to do that. I am just one guy so...any thoughts?

Kent Talley
By C-Chamberlain
You can't supply this product because you're one person right? Go into those stores and gather as much information from the products that are on the shelves already. Similar products, (though none will be very similar for you have a good unique product) products that have molded parts like yours. This means they have the capability to produce and distribute this also. The end result would be for you to contact those companies and offer to add your product to thier existing product line. They'll probably want to buy the idea off of you which is fine. Money is money. To me, the goal would be to get the cash and your name on that patent. Good luck.
By nov8r
Good idea , but i would rather use the cat claw caps that glue on the cats claw tips. This product is on the market.
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By 1313
I think your website lets you down. I would personally have it redesigned. Make it glossier looking. Of the four photos only one is OK the others have the look of an eBay snapshot. Give access to the photos from every page! Have testimonials on the site. Then market your site agressively offline as well as online.
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By Keith
I agree with C-Chamberlain... My father was an inventor, he had the same problem... he created a new type of 'air motor' ... he ended up contacting "Spin Master Toys" and they took a look at it for their 'Air Hogs' toy airplanes. He had a one year contract with them.

That is probably the best way to do it... just contact the manufacters directly seeing that you don't own your own factory to product millions of these darn things. :)

Best of luck!

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