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By j-rat
There is a person or team of persons that discover that there are a limited
number of possible images in reality that can fit on a given image resolution
(800 x 600 that's a huge number of imges but it's still limited or even 1040 x
768 that will only increase the file size), and everything is fate, and
reality is nothing but a "Universial Flip Book", and God creates each moment
frame by frame, and we have no free will, and each frame is 1 - .(9 repeating
in size), and there are a limited number of "real" "frames" inbetween real
moments, like this moment, and this moment. This person or team of persons
after years of logic probing and massive reasearch, using Artificial
Intelligence and lots of reading, this person or team of persons finnaly finds
the mathematical code that can produce the pattern that will generate real
images combinations that are equivlent to reality, and with this code, the
person or team of persons can acuratily show each moment of time and prove
there validity as real images. Inorder to find the "god code" this person or group
of persons, could use an advanced "random" number generator and cycle the
seed value of the "RNG" until the pattern matches the image tag numbers that
refelect the pattern that real images occur. With this code this person or team
of persons can simply change a seed value to pan through time to go all the
way back to the begining of creation or to the end of all time. With this code they can
create "non real" time lines that did not happen by tweeking the formula, only
to generate "new movies" or even different outcombs of movies that have
allready been writen. For example they could generate The Terminator 1 movie
but show the time line that shows the Terminator winning and all the machines
succeed in there mission and then they could see what the machines objective
was. This person could create a "mathematicle cammera" from any location in
the univerce to look at anything they want! this person or team of persons
could see through walls or into any area he or she or they want. He or she or
they could see 10000 trillion light years away and verify the validity of the
image with this "god code" it's like a "MD5 check sum"
keep in mind that there really is a logical pattern that reality follows, each
step in the frames of reality are a direct outcome of the variables that
dictate previous frame, each incroment has a locical matematical equivlent,
that can be simplified into binary code that artificial intelligent machines
can track the pattern and produce the TRUTH of any time line, Real and unreal.
There is a code that can predict the next frame in reality (each frame is 1 - .
(9repeating) in size). This code will show for all the LAWS in reality. There
are a limited number of frames in reality, and the univerce will loop!
OK, so this is how the technology works now to fit it into a story line is a
whole nother story.
you could make it into a movie that has a X files like aspect to it or maybe a
Star Wars like feel.
The movie could take place 20 years from now or 1000 years from now, when
computer speed and storage size it beond our comprehension.
There could be some kind of government coverup that leeks out into the
population that starts a world war,
there are many routes that this type of technology could take on, I am only
presenting the technology for the movie.
The movie could be about me giveing you the technology and then you doing
something about it.
because after all this code i am speaking of directly refelects the nature of
the reality that you and I exsist in.
the movie could be about the machines takeing control of the univerce and
reverce engineering reality it self inorder to develop a master plan for all
the souls in the univerce, somethinggood for us all, a grand nirvana megaplex
that uses all the avalibal mass in the univerce to construct one atrifact that
will host all the souls in the univerce, a artifact that will allow us all to
be our own god of our own reality.
This is what is going to happen at some point in our infinite state of eternal
This could be about the transendation of humans from the human condition into
our next faze of existance, somethig beond sight and feelings, after we have
seen everything that can be seen i am sure we will have no need for sight. we
will surly enter a state of perfected bline, where we experence perfected vibe
and perfected relationship with all souls in the univerce.
but this all starts from a seed.
the seed is finding the code that dictates the frames in reality. The Law of
Binary Shift.
There are many things that my mind can show for this technology, many story's
that this can produce.
the traditional story lines could be used. Or like one man betraying all of
existance and getting away with it. Or maybe this is part of Gods Master Plan.
With This technology this person or team of persons could acurrately provide
the images of Heven and Hell and prove the validity of the provided images,
and if there is no Heven or Hell. And if there is not, the False Images do
exist! and a Virtual Reality Machine could be constructed and like in the
Matrix, We could upload our minds into this reality and remove the knowledge
of this reality being false. So we could Upload ourselves into any version of
Heven that we want. or we could Reigne in Hell if we want for as long as we
want. We could use this code to generate any reality all based from a
Mathematical formula, to upload into any time line we want. We could Become a
Dragon and Rule for 1000 years!
But the main purpose for this technology is to Scan Real time. This person or
group of persons could prove once and for all the existance of Jesus Christ.
This person or group of persons could look into the Real future and Win any
lottery or Win at any situation that looks like pure chance. Any football
game, any base ball game. This Code is real!
What story you pick to include this in is up to you.
You could write about a super hero that fights crime by receiving a "heads up"
from his or her computer.
but that would debunk the power of this technology.
you could write about Government that uses this technology to control the
ballence of it's nation and some how they did not get the code right and they
missed one variable and then something really bad happend.
I don't know what kind of story would be the best for this technology, I just
want the have this technology to create a time line where I actullay got my
highschool CRUSH and upload my self into that realty.
sure it would be false but I would not know it!
there are trillions of possible movies that could use this idea.
If movie corporations got ahold of these mathematical equasions that could be
tweeked to write movies, they could save so much money, they would have no
need for actors at all.. they would jest need ideas! they could span into
quintrillions of movies from a single idea maped into a time line that did not

By 'The One'
The world needs more ideas like this! Although, apart from talking about using ideas like this, people should actually use them and put them into action! In fact, there should be a teams of inventors around the world who focus on whole websites like these and put all or most of the ideas on those sites into action! Nice idea mate!
By my.sable.hats
I am not quite sure I grasp exactly what you want to do. From what i see there is a lot of things you haven't thought of, but I maybe be just dead worng and saying lots of stupidity.
I thougth something similar to what you propose. When I was young I asked myself why not write every possible letter with 1000 characters and then try to read them. The answer to the origin of the universe as well as the complete works of sheakespeare and all your grandmother said from the day she was born till the day she died would be there, for all possible pages would be there.
But it never occured to me it would be impossible to write this, for there isn't enougth matter available ( I would 24^1000 things to store it at some point and the universe only has 10^79 particles...
As far as the algorith is concearnd then, well...
There might be lots of things happening we can't see, and thee reality we do see is only appropriate for our life-style in planet earth... for instance we see only a fraction of the wave spectrum. we might have to develop some other sensor to even start to understand more of the reality we are in and of aspects we neglect for we know nothin about them...
To try to explore reality from some very restricted problem like "What you can see" is to neglect a lot of important stuff that might change the whole picture in a great way. We might be able to create intersting pictures, but the would probably reflect just what a person can interpret as being image. it would just reflect our perception of the world and what it displayed would be bogus or allow lots of free choices, so basically what you proposed it not only very hard but also has very limited insight to god's creation.
It would be an interesting algorithm anyway, but that would be probably just due to the fact that we would be able to create images in a conceptual manner, maybe more like a scrip of a film and then see it.

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