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By Davef27
A pooper scooper that does not require getting too close to the poop. Similar to any tool that permits the pick-up of litter from a standing position, this pooper scooper would use the same mechanism but would have a large paddle device at the end which would permit the poop to be gathered. I also believe by adding an extra hinge, a bag could be placed on the device and if sufficent angle could be reached, the poop could be deposited in the bag so the device could be used several times till bag is full and thus preventing the dog owner having to bend down or get too close to the poop.

Reward: if not invented or developed yet I hope someone can make a few dollars from the idea
By Angelash101
The already make one! I think I bought mine at Petsmart. There is no bending over, and you just attach a grocery bag to the end and scoop the poop in there! It is the best pooper scooper I have ever bought!

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