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By superneo
There are ads for Nutrisystem everywhere so I finally went to the website and honestly, the food looks kind of crappy and I don’t like to have to only eat what they offer, I never know what I’m going to be in the mood for and besides, it’s full of sodium which isn’t at all good for me and bottom line it is so not cheap to buy, then I saw another ad for some stuff called NuLean that’s totally different, no food to buy, works as a detox, works fast and so it sounds really right but has anyone tried it out?

My other issue with Nutrisystem is the website really doesn’t tell you much about the food which is annoying, what does reconstituted mean anyway?

But Nulean is pretty clear about what it is and how it works

Would love to hear from anyone working it now.
By markboucher
I had visited the site. The site is really good and contains all the food related to the nutrients. Thanks for sharing such a nice site here.

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