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By Alfcon
I have been looking at magnetic fields and the effects of them on different things. One thing I noticed and that’s that a strong magnetic field is able to deflect electrons. Now from what I have read Oxygen is made up of 2 fields (6,2) electrons. What I want to know is can an area in space have a large magnetic field generated and oxygen pumped in, EG on the moon, to allow construction of a moon base. This would allow them to build on the moon in the traditional way.

Also a small device on the outside of the shuttle or the next type of ship so if there is a hull breach a magnetic field is created around the ship to prevent all the ships atmosphere from venting into space, and allowing the crew to fix the breach.

If you know what the formula is to let me know what the magnetic field needs to be to hold oxygen I would appreciate it.

Reward: to be able to travel in Space.
By Alfcon
Wish I could test it myself but I don't have the recourses to test my theory, so I sent Nasa this message via their web site:

My question is, If Oxygen has 8 electrons (6,2) and if you create a magnetic field around an object or area in Space. What strength would the magnetic field have to be to keep oxygen within?

Based on the fact that electrons can bounce off a magnetic field?


If you set the following parameters for the above java program.
Q = 1
m = 1
d = 0.5
b = 7 or greater

we see that the electrons are held in the magnetic field for a considerable time

I understand there might be a loss based on mass and charge, but to compensate for the loss the use of a Oxygen Producing Algae Bioreactor.


Lunar Exploration:
1st Place: ALGAE – a bioreactor that will bring oxygen producing algae to the surface of the moon.

what is the formula to calculate the required field?

I believe this could be a solution in being able to construct a moon base or a Space ship yard in space or on the moon.

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