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I have an idea for an iPod or mp3 player which functions similiar to your favorite radio station. Your own songs would play but after a set number of songs an audio news flash would come up. You could predetermine what type of news (sports, national, etc) you would want. It could present a wide array of things including weather, concert updates, or any kind of interesting information. People listen to the radio to get news but are constantly bothered by the same songs played over and over and annoying DJ's. This way people wouldnt even have to read the paper in the morning. They could just turn their iPod on in their car and get updated while still listening to their favorite songs.
Hi jlarson630,

Yes some type of personalisation seems to be coming slowly with our collective internet experience. I am interested in an idea about my own profile being what all websites personalise to my likes. Facebook seems to be making an attempt to get us all to go in this direction with it's "like" button.

Margin Money scheme is the most popular of all Car Finance schemes. The finance offered is based on the total value of the car. The amount financed can vary from 90% of the cars value to 70% as per the financiers eligibility criteria.

The balance amount has to be paid by the customer as margin amount or down payment. Interest is charged only on the amount financed.
The repayment of the loan is made by Equated Monthly Installments (EMI’s) at the end of each month through post-dated cheques, which are collected at the time of signing the contract.

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