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By nathanhull
Why not incorporate a mini PIR into a phone. It could be enabled, for example, if you use your phone as an alarm to wake up. If you accidently press 'off' instead of 'snooze', the PIR would activate after a couple of minutes. If the PIR detected no activity (because you are asleep), the alarm could be activated again..

Then, you would never sleep through your alarm again!

It could also be used for a proximity alarm, work through bluetooth etc etc

Reward: Someone to action my idea!
By russelcrow
It is great idea and this idea will be useful to the people who put their alarms on and remain asleep without pressing any button of their mobile Phone.
By christopher
Being a human we have been facing lot many problem at each steps.these problems & obstacle makes our brain keeps showing up with uncounted ideas and solutions.We shold give importent to your ideas.If we do this it will come up with the proper creation, invention and solution.we should stop wasting our creativity and collect those unused ideas which we nornaly not use and it gets waste.
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