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Tierd of replacing old wind shield wipers? Do your wiper blades smear on your wind shield? Does your motor not work anymore to power the wiper blades? Is it hard to see while driving during the pouring rain and your wipers just dont move fast enough? Do you have bad eye sight and feel like windshield wipers obstruct your view even more? Well here's an idea. Remember at the end of a cycle of a car wash and a huge gust of air blows on your car to push excess water off? How about a device near the wind shield that cant collect water inside and blows the air right off your wind shield. This would have to be a very powerful motor and have an even movement of air across the windshield to exterminate the rain. You would be able turn it on and off as you like and control the powerful blast to adjust the air speeds if it rains soft or hard. This device would be places at the bottom of your windshield near current windshield wipers. With this invention, driving in bad weather will be easier and would decrease accidents.

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