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By masahingis12
My teacher told me that it isn't very simple to burn bluray games. Don't get it confused with the bluray movies, because to burn those you need a bluray burner and blank bluray discs (which would cost you a fortune). Every single bluray game disc has a key written on it, and there is absolute no way to find out that key. Why? Well lets just assume that sony did one hell of a job to protect bluray discs. Now, the only way to find the key is to literally guess the whole *beep* thing. is it possible? Yeah but the chances are 0.1%. You have no clue how long is that key because every different disc key has different lengths. It could be 20 l/c, 40 l/c, or possibly 500 l/c You have no clue! And then some letters/characters of the key could be special cases so there is another problem.

In conclusion; It would be 100% more wiser to actually buy/borrow the *beep* bluray disc than actually try to copy one.

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