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By tozerbros
My idea is to create laptops with an In-Focus projector built on the back side of the screen (the cover), so that when people go to board rooms or perhaps in a classroom, they just have to carry one piece of equipment. The laptop will have the presentation software and the presentation ready to go and all they have to do is switch views so it is projected on the wall as well. Maybe Dell or Compaq already has this in the works, but if they don't they should jump all over it. Maybe this would be a great addition to the Tablet PC.

Reward: Getting the product for free would be nice and maybe use my picture for the default background on the desktop.
By claykemper
This is an excellent idea. Given the reduced sizes of projectors, it might be that a laptop/projector combination would increase the size to that of a typical briefcase.

Perhaps the idea could be expanded as an accessory concept. You would order the laptop projector accessory that would come disassembled.
You erect the telescoping projector stand, add the projector module, plug it into the USB outlet, and you are ready to go.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I was playing with a new USB projector at the Best Buy electronic store yesterday that was considerably smaller than any I have seen before. From memory about 2.5 X 8.0 X 6.5 inches and was more powerful than all the larger more expensive ones. I think it was a Sony. Although they put off a tremendous amount of heat, I think your idea will be here soon. This one is small enough to Velcro to a laptop lid.

Because their web site usually has it before the stores, you can probably find a picture of it on
By cold_fusion
it would b pretty dumb to have it attached..

it would kill your battery in seconds, and most boardrooms have projectors on the cielings. it would be a pain to be typing and or shaking the laptop while it is trying to project a still image
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