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By Erba Capa
I don't have any kids, but I know how diapers work. If you have a baby (...lucky if not twins!!) and go to a restaurant or visit parents or friends, what you do is just to change diaper for you baby if needed. If you are travelling with kids and babies, you must stop and change it in restrooms. If you have a diaper and it has a simple urine dischage unit by vacuuming it, then you don't need to change many times in a day. You can even recirculate air within the diaper and give more comfort to babies... Believe me they will even enjoy this process more than regular change... :)))
By it
That is bad. what if the child gets diaper rash from the urine that isn't instantly vacuumed up. think of the baby's comfort not the parents. They most likely wanted a baby. It's their responsibility to change it. Also a time to bond.
By will
i dont have a kid... yet and even i know that there is more than takin the urine out of the idaper. you have to wipe the baby and everything, and if the urine isnt wiped off then it would be a health hazard.
By Karenpendragon
Check out Elimination Communication. For those who hate diapers, there are alternatives. My son started pooping in the toilet when he was four months old.

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